1. Here We Go

From the recording Walterio


Written by Walter Salas-Humara & Paul Cullum
Published by Lagartija Music BMI & Neology Music BMI

Walter Salas-Humara - voice & guitar
Joe Reyes - guitar
Josh Kantor - organ
Jonathan Rundman - supporting voice
Eric Kassel - supporting voice
Rod Hohl - bass
Konrad Meissner - drums

I'll meet you at the airport
I got a few last things to do
Leave the keys with the landlord
Don't even think it through
Give away the car and cash out the bank accounts
Break the bills down into small amounts
Bring the Dead tapes, and the Kerouac
Light the fuse, we're never coming back

Here we go
Coming over the Mentawais
Hiding out in paradise
Now we're free
Here we go
Getting lost in Bangalore
Living life as a semaphore
You and me

There's people in the shadows
I can't read what's in their face
The water tastes like kerosene
All the stars are in a different place
Jump in a taxi, drive to the beach
Take the Zodiac to the outer reef
Find the lost chord, the perfect wave
The final high, the secret cave

Here we go
From the cafes of Amsterdam
The Hippie Trail to Afghanistan
We’re so free
Here we go
A hundred miles up the Amazon
To the waters of oblivion
The serpent speaks

in the speakers there's a wicked melody
and in our heads a harmony
and at the journey's end, it all begins, again my friend

Here we go
Tangier in the market stalls
Devil’s Throat at Iguazu Falls
Let’s drink our fill
Here we go
Angkor Wat and the killing fields
Roswell and the truth revealed
It’s out there still

Here we go
Swim with the dolphins at Roatán
Helicopter to Burning Man
Leave no trace
Here we go
On a stolen passport in Bogotá
Four-hour flight to Florida
Full of grace

Here we go
Night train to Marrakesh
Feed the poor in Bangladesh
Their souls be kept
Here we go
The test site at Trinity
Framed in fearful symmetry
Where Jesus wept

Here we go
Peaking at an Ibiza rave
Pere Lachaise at Morrison’s grave
Break on through
Here we go
Shoot the rapids at Royal Gorge
Commodore Peter and ole St. George
Here’s to you!