Walter Salas-Humara

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Walter Salas-Humara WALTERIO song synopsis

EL CAMINO DE ORO The central character of this song is the community and the power it wields if everyone sticks together, collaborates, and creates a harmonious life. The refrain sings “We will not be silenced. Let us raise our voice to the Power of the Community!”

HERE WE GO This is an ode to the love of travel and worldly experience, both cultural and natural - to the freedom of the road and all the good will that can be spread if one simply just gets out there and does it. The choruses name check many spots that world traveling hipsters, activists, surfers and adventurers are influencing and being influenced by, from the Mentawai Islands of Indonesia to the jungles of the Amazon, from the cafes of Europe to the temples of Cambodia, from the markets of North Africa to the deserts of New Mexico.

WILL YOU BE READY There seems to be a lot of armchair patriots these days. Many of us are fervent idealists. but how much are we really willing to sacrifice for our beliefs? What are the real problems and who is the real enemy? Racists?, the Government?, Religion? If there really was a new world order, how would we get there? Who would we be fighting and with what weapons?

SHE’S A CAVEMAN This is as much a homage to primitive rock as it is to primitive humans. It muscular delivery celebrates the power of man AND woman as they work together to build the human race.

I WANT TO BE WITH YOU Just a simple love song in the teen pop tradition. She’s going off with another guy. Why can’t she just settle down with me?

HECHO EN GALICIA Galicia is the land of my ancestors. The song speaks of them getting together and leading a life of love and valor, and of course making babies.

COME IN A SINGER This song speaks to every artist’ s desire to be remembered and and especially to have their work remembered. We come into this life creating our songs and weaving our stories, and leave behind memories and the songs that embody them. “You’re never a legend, until you are gone. You come in a singer and leave a song.”

HARD (ONLY HUMAN) The tired musician comes home from the road and is greeted by his hip rock chick girlfriend whose idea of a reunion is to have a threesome with nice looking guy she just met. The scene culminates with her being thrown out, but hey, she’s “only human, just like the rest.”

SHOULD I WAIT FOR TOMORROW Another simple love song in the emotionally charged tradition of soul ballads. We love each other but we can’t seem to get it together and she’s not completely sure about it. Is it over or should I wait for tomorrow?

OUT OF THE BAND This is a page out of every band’s existence. There is that moment when someone in the band keeps fucking up the song over and over and the rest of the band just wants to fire him/her on the spot. But in this case the audience loves the song and they are all cursed with having to play it over and over while having “to admit that the rest of their music is nothing but shit.”

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