1. Gravity

From the recording Florizona



Copyright 2011 Walter Salas-Humara and Jonathan Spottiswoode
Published 2011 Lagartija Music (BMI) and J-Spot Music (ASCAP)

Walter Salas-Humara - voice and guitar
Konrad Meissner - drums
Rod Hohl - bass, guitar and supporting voice
Jason Victor - guitar
Bruce Martin - electric piano
Michelle Anthony - keyboard

Words on a paper cup
We just make 'em up
On a Friday

All our thank you notes
Fall like dominos
On a Sunday

All the wanting is gone
I've got everything I need
All my friends leave the room
and I go to sleep

Look at me
Disappearing Act
Make it up
Let it drop
The weight off my back

Things I don't understand
Don't have a master plan
Just fumbling

Whatever's left of me
I have the luxury
Of just tumbling

Repeat Chorus

I don't want to be
Stuck in a mirror on the wall
Don't need to be remembered
After midnight falls

Repeat Chorus