From the recording I'm Not Jim


Copyright 2007 Jonathan Lethem, Walter Salas-Humara, Chris Maxwell, and Phil Hernandez
Published 2007 Furry Girl Songs (BMI), Lagartija Music (BMI), and ElegantToo Music (ASCAP)

Walter Salas-Humara - voice and guitar
Chris Maxwell - guitar, bass, synthesizer and supporting voice
Phillip Hernandez - drums, percussion and synthesizer

Last night
The pitchers gave up
Things got out of hand
Shortstops took the mound
Across this great land

In every stadium
The pitchers gave up
They got out of town
Surrendered their mitts
They gave up the crown

When the batters
Scored thirty runs
The pitchers all cried
The word went out
On the pitchers grapevine

All over the league
All over the world
Sick of living with doubt
Lonely and scared
The pitchers clocked out
They all set up a farm
A pitchers preserve
Where they get what they want
And think they deserve
Where hits are illegal
And the batters all get shot
Home runs are unheard of
Every runner is caught
An inning's eternal
Mound's fifty feet high
The umpire's an elm tree
With a strike zone as big as your mind
With a strike zone as big as your mind
With a strike zone as big as your mind