1. Amanda Morning

From the recording I'm Not Jim


Copyright 2007 Jonathan Lethem, Walter Salas-Humara, Chris Maxwell, and Phil Hernandez
Published 2007 Furry Girl Songs (BMI), Lagartija Music (BMI), and ElegantToo Music (ASCAP)

Walter Salas-Humara - voice and guitar
Chris Maxwell - guitar, bass, synthesizer and supporting voice
Phillip Hernandez - drums, percussion and synthesizer

In her bedroom
In the dawn hours
Under the covers, watch the clock
Watch the second hand, Watch the sand run out
Get on her radar and claim a spot
Pick the phone up
Amanda on call waiting, stealing time and never getting caught

Amanda morning
Amanda later as we speak
Amanda afternoon, Amanda evening
Amanda even later in the week

Always leaving
Always running
Always lining up a date
In the shower
In the mirror, the meters running, check the rate
Amanda is with her calendar
And all her messages will have to wait

Repeat Chorus

She's got an morning
She's got an afternoon
She's got an evening coming soon
But if you want the overnight
Well mister that's too bad
Cause's he's the only overnight
She's ever had

Repeat Chorus