From the album Radar


Copyright 1995 Walter Salas-Humara
Publiished 1995 Lagartija Music, BMI

I turned away from you
That's the way I've learned to fight
There's a moment at any moment
It doesn't matter what's right

I won, You won
How long is long enough
You won, You won
We can't say it's been all for naught
If we ever find another
to belong to
I won, You won

I'm not closing up
I'm catching up tomorrow's work
There's a minute, there's an hour
There's a city to learn


All you've hoped for
Anywhere in this room
A remote control that works from anywhere
It will find you soon
It will find you soon
It will find you soon
It will find you soon
It will find you soon

The noise on the dancefloor drove them away
It's '75 and disco's here to stay

Always together and always on time
Thin and brittle, but so incredibly fine

One more dance
One more dance, hey

All the old idols, one small prize
Save me an embrace, close my eyes

Dreams have taken, taken wing
Bodies faded with age, only the work remains


There's no room for other thoughts
Playing the phonograph all night long
We didn't plan to stop and fix a mess like this

Without a word, so much at one time
Too many reasons, haven't slept a wink all night

The middle of a dance, from hand to hand
Shake you off, pretend to understand