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Copyright 1987 Walter Salas-Humara
Published 1987 University of France Music (BMI)

Walter Salas-Humara - voice and guitar
Drew Glackin - bass and supporting voice
Konrad Meissner - drums and supporting voice

I came down here on an airplane
Let the promise fade with the city lights behind
Come on over, come on look it over
Cut across the lawn to my parents house
The early morning sun cast my shadow to the West
Come on over, come on look it over
When I wear his watch and look down at the hands
I never, never thought I'd look towards
A man whose past is part of me, part only he knows
A woman so strong
My eldest brother came from far away
My middle brother lives nearby
Y con Mama hablamos de Cuba y de los tiempos del ano mil
Y que te susede es por algo que te tiene que suseder
All falls away