1. Satellite

From the recording Curve and Shake


Copyright 2014 Walter Salas-Humara, Lena MacDonald, Caleb Navarro, and Charles Bohemme
Published 2014 Lagartija Music (BMI), Lena MacDonald (Copyright Control), Caleb Navarro (Copyright Control), and Charles Bohemme (Copyright Control)

Walter Salas-Humara - voice
Sarven Manguiat - guitar and supporting voice
Ryan Williams - piano, moog synthesizer, and organ
Ronnie Sanchez - bass and supporting voice
Manny Sanchez - drums and supporting voice
Wally Ingram - conga
Amy Daggett - supporting voice

I'm taking a moonlight walk
And I just can't stop words inside
I'm having a silent talk
With an old friend of mine

Can it hold me tight?
Can I trust it now?
Or is it just an empty vow?
Send a signal down
Like a Satellite

I brought the wrong guitar
And I don't know how I messed that up
Been coming here a long long time
Been filling the lonely cup

Repeat Chorus

Is it clear?
Or is this fear?
Does it understand
Will it be my guiding hand?

Like a Satellite

Will it be my guide
Flying side by side
Be my lost guitar
Be my Satellite