From the recording Explodes and Disappears


Copyright 2016 Walter Salas-Humara, Andrea Wittgens, and Troy Therrien
Published 2016 Lagartija Music (BMI), Trapdoor Escapade Music (BMI), and Troy Therrien (Copyright Control)

Walter Salas-Humara - voice and guitar
Andrea Wittgens - piano and supporting voice
Brad Bays - guitar
Ryan Williams - organ
Konrad Meissner - drums
Rod Hohl - bass

She's a rusty old working tugboat
Pushing and shoving and keeping the others alive and afloat
Without her they might wander, go astray
But she's keeping them straight on course, out of harms way
She sends them out to sea
Out of the bay
Into the light of day
And they will travel far, far away

Working the waterfront
She's there when you're in need
Working the waterfront
She’s got a soul so deep
Working the waterfront
You better believe
She's an engine with a strong heartbeat
She's working the waterfront

Now she's in drydock, all but forgotten
She's been neglected, but she's defiant and unbroken
This old man still sees her in her glory days
Still strong, still beautiful in every way
She sends me out to sea
Out of the bay
Into the light of day
And I will travel far, far away

Repeat Chorus

Some say no harm in putting the past on the shelf
But I say when we lose the story, we lose ourselves, we lose our way
And the truth is the soul of this town is on the bay
And that's where it's gonna stay

Repeat Chorus