From the recording Explodes and Disappears


Copyright 2016 Walter Salas-Humara and Jonathan Rundman
Published 2016 Lagartija Music (BMI) and Salt Lady Music (ASCAP)

Walter Salas-Humara - voice and guitar
Jonathan Rundman - supporting voice
Philipp Knapp - piano and organ
Maex Huber - drums
Scott Garber - bass
Joe Reyes - guitar

Samuel met Jessica on a cold and windy day
Sam worked as a banker at the Morgan Guaranty
He would stop for coffee on the way into the city
Jessie was the owner of the diner by the train

Diner by the train, by the train
When flesh and blood and bone are gone, it will remain
Diner by the train, by the train
See it through the window everyday

He would wear a charcoal suit and a starch-ed ivory shirt
She would wear an apron and she tied up her long hair
Samuel he fell in love with Jessica with all his heart
All the while Jessie loved the diner by the train

Repeat Chorus

They married at the big church by the park
And made love at the hotel in the dark

in good time their child was born on a cold and windy day
Samuel soon quit his job to stay home with the boy
Jessica went back to work, how she loved that baby
Even so, she could not leave her diner by the train

Repeat Chorus

Jessie had a heart condition, never saw it coming
Now she’s in the churchyard where they married years before
Sam works at the diner and he tries to keep it running
Tells his boy “When I am gone all of this is yours"

Repeat Chorus