From the recording Work: Part One


Copyright 1985 Walter Salas-Humara
Published 1985 University of France Music (BMI)

Walter Salas-Humara - voice and guitar
Richard Brotherton - guitar
Amy Allison - supporting voice

I do the dishes, leave ‘em drying in the rack
I'm trying to keep this place together
So when the man that lives here comes back he will be pleased
I sweep the floor, and when I leave I make sure I lock the door and the windows
When you're your story you gotta bring out the best
You try admitting the truth, but you gotta begin somewhere

It goes right down with no bitter taste
Your vision is my vision
Don't ask so many questions and give me a task to fill
Shine it up, shine it down
I will never bear arms
I haven't seen them sparks in years and years and years

I feed the cats and I water the plants
I do our laundry and hang it on the line and that's fine
But I still got my mind on things that cost me
More than I bargained for

Repeat Chorus

I won't give you anymore trouble
Just call me by some other name
There can be no absolutes
When you turn left turn right

I'm at the helm, I've got a mind of my own
I am the style and grace that is the South
But after all of these years I still prefer your choice
You pay our bills, you feed our kids
You built the roof that's over our heads
The helping hand behind the shield
The way it works, it always takes my breath away

Repeat Chorus