From the recording Work: Part One


Copyright 1990 Walter Salas-Humara and Robert Ray

Published 1990 University of France Music (BMI), and
 Voltone Music (BMI)

Walter Salas-Humara - voice and guitar
Richard Brotherton - guitar and supporting voice

The stars are shining brighter than the night that I remember

My thoughts are like a river

Reflecting in all directions

I’m gonna phone her, but not today

I’m gonna write her, but not today

Today I’m gonna be
Driving down Highway 441 with the windows down
A beer in one hand, the radio blasting

My old needs I won’t recognize

I’m over you

Hold on to the evening, hold on to the morn

All night long, sunshine hiding underneath

Repeat Chorus

Miles of country road rise, rise away

The cars are by the river

Clouds are in the coffee-shops around here

Repeat Chorus