The Craziest Feeling
Produced by Walter Salas-Humara
Written by Walter Salas-Humara and Jerry Joseph
Published by Lagartija Music BMI and Pampoon Publishing BMI
Recorded by
Pat Kearns at Perma Press, Portland, Oregon
Walter Salas-Humara at Studio Double You, Flagstaff, Arizona
Steve Drizos at his studio, Portland, Oregon
Jason Victor at his studio, New York, New York
Walter Salas-Humara - Voice and Guitar
Jerry Joseph - Guitar
JR Ruppel - Bass
Steve Drizos - Drums
Jason Victor - Guitar
Sarven Manguiat - Guitar and Supporting Voice
Ryan Williams - Electric Piano and Organ
Charlie Salas-Humara - Synths and Guitar
Marius Libman - Synths
Mixed by
Walter Salas-Humara and Ryan Williams at Studio Double You
Mastered by
Dave McNair at Dave McNair Mastering


(Joseph, Salas-Humara)

She comes from the wealthiest family
Seven husbands and has now found Jesus
His family lives in a shack on the other half
Boiling bananas

We swim and the water is clean, clear and warm
It is the craziest
We swim and the water is clean, clear and warm
It is the craziest feeling

360 degree views
Says a faith based English do-gooder
And real estate salesperson

Repeat Chorus

And the boats come and go
And the ocean below
And the palm trees sway
And the fisherman pray
And a million stars
Will light our way

The moon is visible
In the clear blue sky
Overcome by it's beauty
We see it from the inside

Repeat Chorus