From the recording Walterio


Written by Walter Salas-Humara & Kipp Wilde
Published by Lagartija Music BMI

Walter Salas-Humara - voice
Bruce Martin - piano
Jonathan Rundman - organ & supporting voice
Eric Kassel - guitar & supporting voice

You never showed
I'm still here
How could I know
I thought it was clear
Do you remember 
That I was your friend
I walk beside you
Do anything for you
Expecting nothing in return

Are you with another
Is this time borrowed
Is this it
or should I wait for tomorrow

When you arrive 
at the fork in the road
And you decide 
which way to go
Will you remember
That I was your friend
There’s room to forgive
We can wake up and live
In a world that has room for us both

Repeat Chorus

Time will slowly mend
These unseen wounds
Nothing that happened has shaken
My faith in you

Repeat Chorus