From the recording Walterio


Written by pAt mAcdonald
Published by ______________

Walter Salas-Humara - voice, guitar & keyboard
Jonathan Rundman - organ & supporting voice
Eric Kassel - guitar
Rod Hohl - bass
Konrad Meissner - drums

It’s gonna be hard, no matter what
But nothing’s as hard as the rock in your gut
When you find the one you love the best
Is only human - just like the rest

She missed me so damn much
But she loved the freedom
My first night back in town
She set-up a threesome
I said, “I’m sure he’s nice
But I’m kinda tired from travelin’
You two have fun - I’ll be alright.”
She just smiled, said, “Thanks, Babe goodnight.”

Repeat Chorus

She kissed me, said the body’s ready now
And the mind is willin’
Next year, we oughta settle down
Have a couple children
I said, “Ahh, that’s a very nice plan
But, sorry Babe, I ain’t no superman
I just can’t take your shit no more
Watch out for the cat when you slam that door.”

Repeat Chorus