From the recording I'm Not Jim


Copyright 2007 Jonathan Lethem, Walter Salas-Humara, Chris Maxwell, Phil Hernandez, and John Schott
Published 2007 Furry Girl Songs (BMI), Lagartija Music (BMI), ElegantToo Music (ASCAP), and Smash The State! (ASCAP)

Walter Salas-Humara - voice
Chris Maxwell - guitar, bass, synthesizer and supporting voice
Phillip Hernandez - drums, percussion and synthesizer

You're in a chase scene with no one behind you. You couldn't have done a thing: no motive, no means, no opportunity. But you're cast against type this time. They sent you taped instructions: ninety minutes of silence. You accidentally erased it. You call Missing Persons, but they put you on hold. You're the stunt man, wired to die. You're wearing a vest full of explosive cartridges filled with fake blood, but you can't get anyone to shoot at you. The taxicab crashed, but the meter's still running. You stake out the zoo, but the bears aren't talking. A bum tries to sell you his hat. You call missing persons, but you can't get them interested in the case. How can you be missing if you made the call? You try to remember what the coach told you in the locker room. Today is the last day of the end of your life. He who hesitates, quits smoking. Why do they call it second person when there's nobody else around? All your scenes are on the cutting room floor. You duck into a doorway and find yourself at a party. They're celebrating New Hour's Minute. They elect you secretary of the present tense. You call Missing Persons, but they don't pick up the phone. You call Missing Persons and get your own answering machine. The beep never comes. The beep never comes. The beep never comes.