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  1. Fallen Angel

From the album Susan Across The Ocean


© 1993 Tom Freund
p 1993 Tom Freund, ASCAP

Out on the roadside
I met a fortune for this world
A fallen angel came to me without a word

With a decision like that
Something had to give
It was just a small day for the U. S. A.
But one I'd never want to relive

I saw the bright lights exploding
But it wasn't the Fourth of July
Yet it was the closest I've come to an Independence Day
Out on the ice and the snow in the night

When you hear the sirens exploding
You figure help is on the way
Sometimes it is and sometimes it's not
But not that night near Rock Springs

Manny I feel you soaring
Far from the road where you lay down
You are the stars and the sky tonight
In the dark I called your name
And you are everywhere