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  1. Thanks A Million

From the album Heater


© 1997 Scott Burns, Walter Salas-Humara and Gary Sunshine
Published by Lagartija Music, BMI, Gary Sunshine Music, BMI and Scott Z. Burns Music, BMI

There's an airplane in the distance
There's a shadow
There is luggage lying open on the bed
There are keys spread out on the counter
Thre's a note unsigned and unread

All the while your voice says
Thanks a million

In December in the desert after sunset
There's a shape in the corner of the sky
It is shaking, it is shining
It's wide open
It is dreaming, it is hoping
It's divine


On the highway
In the backseat
The only one with any manners is the dog

There is warmth and sunshin in our bodies
There's a lost and silent friend becoming clear
There's gasoline and hot, black coffee
There's a house and a yard and the years