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  1. Prison Song

From the album Heater


© 1997 Walter Salas-Humara and Gary Sunshine
Published by Lagartija Music, BMI and Gary Sunshine Music, BMI

Throw my legs over the wall
Keep an eye out for the man
Run like hell 'till I'm beyond
The barking dogs
And that's not all I'm up against

I'm gonna do some traveling
To where I've never been
I hope I'm not reminded
Of who I am

I'll meet my friend in Baltimore
He owes me money and a car
I'll drive like hell and I'll ignore
The memories
Of all the time I've spent inside


Time is only to willing to disguise
All my alibis

I'm getting closer to the sun
I'll keep moving straight ahead
I'll keep melting till I belong
To a single heart
A single mind twice as strong