From the recording Curve and Shake


Written by Walter Salas-Humara and Jonathan Lethem
Published by Lagartija Music BMI and Furry Girl Songs BMI

Walter Salas-Humara - voice, guitar and latin percussion
Ryan Williams - piano, moog synthesizer, and organ
Sarven Manguiat - supporting voice

I’m jotting these words on the back of a mask
I refuse to fit over my face.
I’m letting you know that I’m quitting the show
In favor of joining the race.
The smoke signals rising up into your sky
Are just to say I’m doing fine
I’m fanning the flames coming out of my car
And figured I’d throw you a line.
I just called to say
I’m two inches away
from not even making this call.
After driving all day
I’m two hours away
from never arriving at all.
I buried your phone like a dog with a bone
You'll never recover the cost
You’ll have to dig coins out from under the couch
You have to get free to get lost

Repeat Chorus
What doesn’t make me stronger kills me
And you kill me every time
What doesn’t make me stronger kills me
And you’re killing me, all down the line

Repeat Chorus