Walter Salas-Humara Band

The Swollen Circus at C-Boys Heart and Soul, 2008 South Congress Avenue, Austin, TX

Yes, it's that time again. Kick off your SXSW party with a mini-fest of 10 amazing artists performing 3 songs each at the wonderful C-Boys on South Congress. See you there.
9:00 Will Courtney (Austin)
9:20 Stephen Clair (Beacon, NY)
9:40 Queue Queue (Austin)
10:00 Alice (Austin)
10:20 Wild Seeds (Austin) 
10:40 Kris McKay (San Antonio)
11:00 Zach Pietrini (Milwaukee)
11:20 Buttercup (San Antonio)
11:40 Hayden Pedigo (Amarillo)
12:00 Walter Salas-Humara and El Kamino (Flagstaff)