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Woozy is music that reads between the lines, feels beneath the skin, and sees beyond the naked eye. Songs that listen as well as they sound. Songs that defy the void between pop culture and pop music. Woozy successfully pushes the envelope of sonic exploration while still delivering solid hooks to hang on. From the hypnotic, minimalist, techno-fueled "I Stay Quiet" to the earbending guitar driven pop of "Ride Over", Woozy refuses to pigeonhole itself and instead embraces every opportunity to explore every avenue it staggers down.

A collaboration of two diverse individuals, Woozy is half New York City based Walter Salas-Humara, best known for his leading role with The Silos, and half Dave Bassett, an established Los Angeles songwriter. Together they create an intoxicating blend combining Salas-Humara's raw and unbridled vocal style with the more pure and pop sound of Bassetts's voice. Each song tells a story, an increasingly rare phenomenon in the current landscape of popular music, and is elegantly crafted and evocative, drawing the listener in and then spinning the tale through layers of 70's drum machines, swirling leslies, circular guitar lines, moody moog swells, tribal tom-tom beats, classic electric piano, and boom box lo-fi, all while delivering a shitload of great melody.

The end result is a complex and groundbreaking melange, a post-modern exploration of influences, and a testament to the skill of two gifted songwriters and musicians.

First release: April 1999 Last Call Records, France.

Produced and Recorded by Dave Bassett and Walter Salas-Humara at Chateau Relaxeau.

Musicians: Dave Bassett and Walter Salas-Humara.

Cover Art and Design: Tanya Hotton.

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