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Walter Salas-Humara

Slims Last Chance Saloon, 5606 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA

I will be first on a big night and accompanied by Vincent Gates, Jimm McIver, Aaron English and Andrea Wittgens. Following me will be Christy McWilson, and finally Jimm McIver and the Mallets of Forethought. It's going to be a great night with several of my Steel Bridge buddies.


Walter Salas-Humara - Curve and Shake - wav files (full CD quality)

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  1. 1 [Info] Counting On You 04:01
  2. 2 [Info] The Craziest Feeling 06:00
  3. 3 [Info] Curve and Shake 04:16
  4. 4 [Info] Satellite 02:49
  5. 5 [Info] What We Can Bring 05:17
  6. 6 [Info] Hoping For A Comeback 04:29
  7. 7 [Info] I Love That Girl 02:43
  8. 8 [Info] Uncomplicated 03:31
  9. 9 [Info] Way Too Heavy To Float 04:56
  10. 10 [Info] Two Inches Two Hours 03:49


Oregon and Washington 

Thanks to all who attended the Midwest shows in June!! It's almost July and I'm looking forward to the Oregon Country Fair. It's the mother of all hippie style festivals and I will singing with Jerry Joseph and partaking in all the festivities. Then I'll be playing in Portland and Seattle with loads of my pals. Check the Tour Dates section for all the details.

The Silos 30th Anniversary Show 

Could it possibly be true that the first Silos album "About Her Steps" was released in 1985? Yikes! Well, we are going to play a 30th Anniversary Concert on April 20. That's this coming Monday night at Midtown Live, 251 West 30th Street in Manhattan. The band will be: Mary Rowell - electric violin, Amy Allison - voice, Konrad Meissner - drums, Walter Salas-Humara - voice and guitar, Jason Victor - guitar, Rod Hohl - guitar, bass and voice, Bruce Martin - keybopard, percussion and voice, Russ Meissner - drums and percussion, Pete Galub - bass and guitar. Please spread the word! Advance tickets are $15. They are $20 at the door, so please save 5 bucks and show your support by buying some HERE. Thanks!!!!!!!

Thanks and Looking Forward 

The Texas and SXSW shows were amazing - so many friends old and new, and how bout that Buttercup! and Courtney Barnett! I'm so looking forward to the coming shows on the Eastcoast starting April 17. I got in a couple more days of recording with Rich Brotherton in Austin. I'm more than halfway done on 2 new albums and will be doing more recording on the Eastcoast with Mary Rowell, Amy Allison, and who knows who else!

Texas and SXSW 

The Europe tour was amazing!! A hearty thank you to all who attended the shows and to the agents, promoters,venues, and other musicians who made it all possible. It's March and that means Texas and SXSW. I will begin in San Antonio, then on to Dallas, and end with lucky seven SXSW concerts in Austin. I'm looking forward to seeing all my old friends. I'll be posting loads of photos and updates about this wonderful festival on Instagram, FB, and Twitter.

Europe Tour Starts January 31 

I have shows scheduled in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Spain beginning January 31, see below. I will have a trio in Germany - Max Huber on drums and percussion, and Phillip Knapp on keyboards and bass. In Spain I will be solo with the occasional special guest. I'm looking forward to performing the new songs from "Curve and Shake" along with some of my old favorites for my European friends. I feel very fortunate to be able to travel abroad an sing my songs.


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